Contribute to Viva

Thanks so much for your interest. 😊 🌱
The first step we’d recommend is to read our thesis. See how it resonates.
Viva is venture-backed with an intelligent and kind team, so reach out only if you want to collaborate with a group that is committed to high-growth, thoughtful, and socially impactful work. 😎
Here are our ongoing efforts that we’d be open to your contribution to:
  • Build speech and text translation models
  • Design magical experiences to connect across languages
  • Build out a web application and Chrome extension
  • Connect to technical talent in Colombia, Argentina, and other LatAm countries
  • Spread the word about Viva!
Being bilingual in Spanish and English is a plus although not required. We use our own translation products in-house.
Don’t fit any of these specific functions but think you can help us out in another way? Reach out anyways, maybe we can find a place for you. ⭐️
Tell us how you’d like to contribute through email or DM: hello@vivatranslate.com, twitter.com/viva_translate

Want to learn more?
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The Viva Thesis